Hallo, I'm Skatje Myers, a second-year joint PhD student in Computer Science and Cognitive Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder working with James Martin and Martha Palmer.

I received my BA in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota-Morris in 2010. In 2009, I was involved in research at Arizona State University investigating the use of deep syntactic features for biomedical named entity recognition through the CRA-W's DREU program. After graduation, I spent three years as a Java and Smalltalk developer for MioSoft before coming to Boulder.

Currently, I'm a research assistant on the ClearEarth project, working on using the NLP/ML techniques that have been successfully employed in the biomedical field to establish new semantic resources for the geology, cryology, and biology fields.

My research interests are (clearly) in natural language processing particularly semantics and pragmatics. I've recently become interested in the use of combinatory categorial grammars to parse abstract meaning representations.